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Other specialist services

Estate planning

We often find that clients don’t have a will, and if they do it does not adequately cover their current personal or ultimate beneficiary's circumstances.

Without a properly structured will, containing instructions for the executor about your wishes and consideration for various circumstances such as protection for beneficiaries, (including commercial and marital risks), your legacy could be in jeopardy.

Buying and selling property

We have extensive experience in advising clients on the taxation aspects of the purchasing and selling of both residential investment, and commercial property, including business premises.


One of the main areas we focus on is ensuring the property is purchased under the correct structure to ensure both long term asset protection and taxation benefits.

We approach these transactions by considering our clients’ needs and planning for the end in mind while taking into account potential changes in the clients’ circumstances.

The source of funding for the purchase is also an important consideration.


We provide advice on the taxation implications of selling property, including the capital gains tax implications, in particular the main residence exemption and small business CGT concessions.

Consideration is also given to the GST aspects of the transaction, in particular the application of the margin scheme for commercial properties and business premises.

Asset funding advice

We can advise on alternative methods of funding property and, plant and equipment including, for appropriate assets, an analysis between outright purchase, lease (both operating and finance), hire purchase and chattel loan. We are also able to examine the amount and sources of funds currently being used by a business compared with its current and future funding requirements and can work with you and your financier to ensure that debt covenants can be maintained.