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Structuring and asset protection

How would you feel if everything you've worked for was lost? Many people unknowingly have their assets exposed, and risk losing their wealth because they have not been advised on how to structure their assets and liabilities in the event of misfortune.

We can help you to maximise the protection of your assets and investments; build a wall between your business and personal assets; and protect you before it’s too late.

We can also advise you on the taxation implication of various structures and work with you to ensure that your structure is appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

Wealth extraction and preservation

Wealth extraction is the process of getting your money out of your business. We have found that clients may wish to extract their wealth to diversify their risk and/or as part of pre-sale strategy to maximise their personal wealth.

Wealth preservation is the process of placing the wealth extracted from the business into a suitable ownership structure.

Extracting and preserving wealth often involve moving assets and cash around, so minimising transaction costs such as capital gains tax, goods and services tax, and stamp duty are important factors to consider when balancing the benefits with the costs.